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How does Acupuncture improve muscle function?

Acupuncture affects physical performance through improved blood circulation, metabolism and mental alertness. Acupuncture has a direct influence on muscle function through neuromuscular, hormonal and musculo-skeletal manipulation.

Motor points, different from Trigger points, are located on bodies of muscle and play an important role in muscle contraction. At these areas the innervating nerve connects to the muscle at the 'muscle spindle'. Acupuncture can directly affect these sites.

The spindle is different from the rest of the muscle in that it communicates the position and orientation of the muscle to the rest of the body. It can send signals to antagonistic muscles to make sure they do not contract at the same time with the muscle you are trying to move. This signaling system plays as an orchestra to make sure your muscles are firing at the appropriate timing and degree of strength to keep tension and integrity in your body. This effect is called Biotensegrity.